I am going to sit on my stone now.


Linvingstones – I want a really big one.

(thank you andy)

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  1. Reminds me of the “Buddenbrooks” and the saying “auf den Steinen sitzen”. Very nice and peaceful!

  2. I adore these cushions. They add a dose of Zen to any house, particularly since my carpet is a dark cream color that matches with the cushions. Do you know where I can actually buy them?!

  3. I want one, I want one too! But I probably don’t have neither the space nor the money …

    They look gorgeous though :)

  4. My cat would love this. Which rmeinds me that I have to cut her nails.
    Kisses, Puri.

  5. It’s in fact an artist from Nice, in the South of France, where we have a pebble beach along the Promenade des Anglais, so that’s her inspiration. I’ll definitely buy one of those once we are leaving Nice…

  6. Those are awesome! They look comfortable too!

  7. there is one thing I have found out on cushions: they are much more comfortable than stones!! check this:
    clever and BEAUTIFUL. I wish I had either this or the “stoney” one…