yay! swissmiss project launch: hossli.com


I am *thrilled* about my latest project launch: hossli.com, the online presence of Peter Hossli a ‘global’ reporter living in NYC.

I am pleased with the site: white space driven, minimalistic — just how I like it. Peter was fabulous to work with and Josh Carr did a wonderful job with the site development. Hooray! Bubbly stuff is in order!

Visit hossli.com and check out some of peter’s articles.

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  1. clean and crisp site, however the type in the top does not come across “crisp” at all. looks like maybe scaled a little off – check the sIFR and the type you use in flash to generate the navigation and top type.

  2. Great site for a journalist! I’m envious…

  3. Great site for a journalist! I’m envious…

  4. Very nice design!!!!
    My compliments….

    Small detail: It doesn’t show the amount of comments for each story on the homepage. I miss that.

  5. Tina, beautiful site. I love it. Great work.

  6. trhat looks great. You had a lot of information to make available and still kept it clean. Very smart choices. The text looks fine in Safari and Omniweb.

  7. Hi Tina

    Congrats for the site, very neat… and thanks again for your amazing blog!

    I thought i should mention there is a typo on the search page when the initial search request turned no results, it reads ‘seach’ instead of ‘search’


  8. beautiful work, I love how clean it is.