Leopard is better and faster than Vista NOT

This Apple banner ad campaign made me laugh.

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  1. Pretty good! But I think I prefer the one with the sign that says, “Don’t Give Up On Vista” and “Don’t” doesn’t light up.

    The people at TBWA are doing some really good stuff, this whole “Mac + PC” campaign is great!

  2. Harrummph! I don’t know if it’s true or not (I’m still an ex-mac user who’s on XP) but my experience of Apple was they were like the casual guy in the ads – they just stood around with their hands in their pockets ignoring me when I had problems with OSX, never solved the problems, and pissed the hell out of me.

    The MS people, on the other hand, like the nerd in the ads, were really keen and helpful. So I suppose all those consciously insulting ads are accurate in that sense!

  3. What is going on with those tick marks? tsk. tsk. tsk.

  4. I’m forced to agree with you there Andrew! C’mon now, don’t make fools of yourselves, use real quotes. . .

  5. *Sigh*
    One thing that these ads leave out that many people fail to understand, even those who may be somewhat tech-savvy, is that most of these things vary from computer to computer, due to different hardware. And more importantly, it’ll vary from user to user.

    A computer running Windows Vista at the same price as an Apple computer running OSX will run faster. Speed is primarily hardware dependent. What computer DO you expect to go faster? A $600 one or a $1800 dollar one?

    And the user part? Some users will blindly fall to social engineering, lending to having tons of adware and spyware installed. A HUGE hit on performance. This can happen to those users in days. However, an avid user (who isn’t necessarily an advanced user, but one who knows his way around things) can go months without leaving himself open to threat. Mac OSX is better in this aspect, but will change very soon as Apple is getting mainstream attention.

    Many of the arguments Apple makes to show their OS significance are invalid, and speed is just another one of these null points. These aside, my major concerns are the major price jumps in between models for what are otherwise very minor upgrades.

    Don’t get me wrong, OSX is a solid operating system.

    Btw, it annoys the hell out of me when people use ‘mac’ and ‘pc,’ seeing as Apple puts their OS out on PCs now anyways.

  6. Well, I suppose this thread is dead, but it seems as apt a place as any for a rant at the universe by a soon to be ex-Mac user:

    I will never use Vista unless it’s urgent, and avoid Windows whenever possible, but I swear, Steve Jobs will get no more of my money for anything, ever, if I can possibly help it. I just spent a half hour wondering where the hell my Dock had disappeared to, on top of I don’t know how much time trying to figure out what that sadistic green “zoom” button was actually trying to do (it’s to resize the window … no, it’s to shift the window a few pixels to the left or right, no it’s to reduce the size in stages, while moving it to a random point on the screen, no it’s intended to optimize the view of web page content, er no, can’t be that, I have multiple tabs open, all with different layouts, so that’s senseless — ah, yes. It’s just senseless.

    Worst window manager ever, most stupendously inconsistent ui, and WHY THE FUCK IS X11 already broken on a brand new install of Leopard?????

  7. why cant u make safari full screen like u can i.e in windows?