two in one: Oven Mit Apron


The problem of missing oven mitts is solved with the Oven Mit Apron. Built-in gloves on the front allow you to just slide your hands into the oven mitts and then effortlessly slide your pan out of the oven. Reduce clutter on your countertop with this all-cotton apron, designed for the foodie who has everything else. Padded with contrast-colored stitching, the one-size-fits-all design has an elastic back to suit a wide range of body types. Made in the Netherlands. Genious! On sale for $18 at DWR.

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  1. Oh I love tihs thing. Guess you already know the Chop to pot, Tina. It’s posted recently in my blog, and it’s reeeeally cool.

  2. Brilliant! I’m on my way to get one now.

  3. I’m a househusband. I do all of the housework including the cooking. Wow! This will be perfect for me in the kitchen!

  4. Wow, this is very creative. should have one for myself.

  5. your post really helps newbie like me..much thanks ;)

  6. I`m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I would like to buy one. What I have to do? Thanks.