Lovely swissmiss readers: Do you happen to own a vintage Tomy Snappy Shots toy camera that you’d be willing to sell? I would love to get one for our little Ella. Please email me!

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  1. hello dear friend!
    happy new year for you and your family!
    this polaroid is so fantastic!!! i want the same for Rose…
    Ella always love her bunny car?

  2. Thanks everybody. All the ebay ones don’t come with ‘film’ which is the fun part. Boo hoo.

  3. How do I not have one of these? I forgot all about them…

  4. My in-laws still have the one my husband had as a kid – with the film! My daughter loves to play with it when we visit. I hope you find one!

  5. My little boy’s grandmother bought him a kid’s digital camera for Christmas! It doesn’t have quite the same retro-cool factor as the one you’re after, of course, but they’re a lot easier to get. I can’t recall what brand it was, though.

    Only problem is that the photo is taken about a second after the button is pressed, so we have many pictures of arms and chests and floors as he puts the camera down.

  6. i loved my snappyshots as a kid! i still have it soooooomewhere at my parents’ house. :)

  7. and, i have the fim, too. gosh, i’ve got to go find this. i’m having a baby this year & want my kid to get some use out of it, too. :)

  8. I just niped one on ebay last night.

  9. sniped, I mean.

  10. Hi,

    I am not sure if anyone is still looking for a TOMY SNAPPY SHOTS Childs Toy Camera, but I am offering one over at ebay.com My id name over at ebay is naturesjoy I found this cool camera when I was searching through all my old toys and collectibles! It still has 5 of the little colored disks! You put one of the little plastic disks in the front of
    the camera and when your child pushes the green button the disk gets damped from sliding over the sponge and snaps out and reveals a cute picture! I of course had to try it to see if it worked and it did, what fun! I felt like a kid again! :)

  11. hello to anyone interested in the TOMY snappy shots camera. I went to list it on ebay and saw your comments. if you are interested please contact me.THX!

  12. Do either of you still have the camera? I am looking for one!!

  13. i have one! in box with everything!