a different kind of blind system


Oh, I love the idea of using vintage school maps as blinds. Done so at the MattsonCreative Office. Cool!

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  1. That is the coolest idea1. I love maps and I have been shopping for blinds for two large windows for some time now. I also happen to have a source for them in LA that I would be happy to share once I snatch up my maps this weekend!

  2. Let me know the source when you’re done picking through the best!!! I am also blind shopping right now and this is a BRILLIANT idea. mind emailing me Erika (my address is my first name and then the domain is theavclub.tv)? And btw. Cribcandy has been on my rss reader for years now- love it!

  3. How clever! I’ve always wanted a vintage school map anyway! . . . Also love the letter/number wall.


  4. Wow, that’s awesome! Love that office in general, but the maps are super-cool.

  5. Where can you buy old vintage school maps?