Arcade Fire – Neon Bible live in an elevator!

Read more about it here.

(via claudia)

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  1. love arcade fire. such a good band to see live and apparently in freight elevators.

  2. kinda old, but this rendition is wonderful. i love the use of a magazine as an instrument.

  3. Swedish artist Lykke Li live in a bathroom

  4. both arcade fire’s and lykke li’s are nice videos

    you forgot the “e” outside of the link’s description

  5. Yummy this is from the Take away Shows from la blogotheque. Be sure to catch the rest. They’re awesome.

  6. I love The Arcade Fire too! I read your blog every day so I think that you can’t miss this:

    thanks, luisella

  7. Chryde (from Take a Way Shows/la Blogothèque) please a comment.

    More @

  8. Thank you SwissMiss !