how does your voice sound?

In an email I got earlier, G.H. wrote:

I think your voice sounds like Helvetica.

That had me chuckle. How does your voice sound?

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  1. Brings a whole new dimension to one’s personal “brand”. Most of the time when I listen to radio or podcasts I picture the host a certain way and almost always they sound completely different. However, I never spend time thinking about their associated typeface. Thanks for freaking out my brain.

  2. like Hobo

  3. Hmmm, what font is nasal?

  4. I’ve been told I sound like Baskerville Old Face.

    (I think I sound like Cicle).

  5. Take Susan Kare’s Cairo, then hit it with a brick… repeatedly. (sighs)

  6. It must be your Swiss DNA. I sound like Marker Felt at the moment, but I’m taking diction classes.

  7. Unfortunately because of my accent, I sound like Zapf dingbats to too many people.

  8. I have been told I have a fabulous voice for presentations usw. Now I’m dying to know which font I sound like…

  9. Definitely a Slab Serif :)

  10. As long as it doesn’t sound like Comic Sans I’m good.

  11. Not sure if I qualify, but I’m hoping for that font most associated with the Charles Rennie Mackintosh/Glasgow School of Art/Art Nouveau end of things :)

  12. a little modification on this device may help to find an answer on one’s typographic voice definition. :)

    I don’t know what i sound like, but there are times i feel so helvetica, most of the time arial simply tells everything (not perfect but tells the story), yet i really enjoy my trajan moods.