how would you pronounce lekker?


I love this little feature on the top right corner of the company name is somewhat odd and they asked people on the street how they would pronounce it. Fun! I of course would pronounce lekker with a heavy swiss-german “ck” sound.

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  1. I can’t get the page to open, so I’m not sure if the company is South African, but ‘lekker’ is an afrikaans word meaning ‘nice’. It is often used in south african slang. Pronounced lag-ga, or lacka.

    eg. That’s a lekker t-shirt man!

  2. Lekker is common Dutch for good tastin; ie something is lekker. Heel erg lekker! (very nice, yummie!)

  3. Nou dat is lekker hoor

  4. I grew up in South Africa, and instantly recognized the word. The first comment made me smile – brings back memories.

  5. i’m with you, pronouncing it like the “ch” in “chuchichaeschtli”

  6. lekker is used for for “great” or “good” or “delicious” in dutch
    the lek rhymes with neck, the ker rhymes with fur.
    so it would be ‘leckur’….kind of

  7. So they disabled the back button and so I can’t leave the page. That was a great experience. Now I hate them.