Polaroid Photography of Grant Hamilton


DesignCommission presents: Polaroid Photography of Grant Hamilton on March 6th 6-9 P.M. Using a 1975 Polaroid SX- 70 camera, Iowa City-based photographer Grant Hamilton creates one-of-a-kind original photographs from found objects and colors. His subjects are often details of mundane objects like trucks or signs which reveal unexpected areas of quiet in a sea of visual clutter.

I found Grant through Flickr, quite some time ago and am completely in love with his aesthetics. So happy to see that Seattle based DesignCommission is showing his work. I would *love* one of those big prints above… Oh my!

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  1. i have loved his polaroids since you posted them on here awhile ago (i’m pretty sure that’s where i remember it from)

    I wouldn’t mind a couple of those giant polaroids.

  2. Oh, those are great! However, Mr. Hamilton will have to stock up on those polaroids. :/


  3. I think I first discovered his polaroids here … I’ve loved them ever since.

  4. yeah, i love his polaroids. great style.

    (liebe grüsse aus der schweiz)