Post-It typeface


Sanda Zahirovic, a student Kingston University in London created a typeface out of post-it notes. Fun! Thank you Sanda!

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  1. 3M sould use this for their advertising. :)

  2. I’m guessing 3M will more likely sue for trademark infringement. Hehe.

  3. All this recent type experimentation is so refreshing to me. I could look at MacGuyver’d letterforms all day.

  4. that does not work.

  5. how doesn’t it work?

  6. This is awesome. I wish I had that kinda time to cut out my own typeface!

  7. A damn kewl font. So kewl in fact that it has gone into the post-it notes rock wall of fame with a respectable 5oo10. Now rewriting the entire works of shakespeare in it would guarentee a 10, ay takers?