The Rolling Bench


This Rolling Bench design is ingenious! The slats on these benches can rotate to the dry side by cranking the handle. Fantastic! Fabuloso! Wunderbar! Major hat tip to the designers: Designer: Sungwoo Park, Yoonha Paick, Jongdeuk Son, Banseok Yoon, Eunbi Cho & Minjung Sim

(via bblinks / via yanko design)

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  1. hello.
    your design is very inventive and useful.
    i have an idea about this bench and wholly about benches.
    that we can design benches that both dry and heat the bench in cold weather and with this benches we can see people sitting on them even in very cold and snowy or rainy weather.

  2. hello
    how can I buy this bench?
    please tell me
    my email is:

    moha-210@hotmail .com

    [email protected]

  3. can any one tell me how 2 buy this bench or maybe give the process of making it , please?

  4. I am going to be making this bench with some additions but first of all, I wanna know the materials I am gonna need in order to make one .. I am working on my project at the college and the only thing I could come up with after changing my mind is the rolling bench. so can any one help me out here ..