What Sites Do You Pay For?

Andrew is aksing the question: What web services do you pay for online?

2 x Flickr ($25 year)
Typepad ($14.95 month)
Skype Pro ($3 month)
Quicken ($2.99 month)
Blinksale ($12 month)
Backpackit ($7 month)
.mac ($99.95 year)
creative hotlist ($30 for 6months ?)

About to add Freshbooks and ditch Blinksale.

I have a feeling there might be more, I just can’t think of them right now…


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  1. Aside from random paypal donations to some sites, i think Flickr might be it for me!

  2. E-fax. couldn’t live without it.

  3. i had no idea you had to pay for typepad…i guess that includes hosting.

  4. I pay for Flickr, Typepad, Skype Pro, Freshbooks and I use Godaddy for domain names.


  5. flickr is like air, i can’t live without it.

  6. There are a ton of backup solutions like Amazon S3, Mozy, or Carbonite. I don’t actually use any of them.

  7. I pay for only Flickr

    To support my site I use these pay services: Amazon S3, Web host (Pair)

  8. Aside from web hosting, I’m paying for Flickr and PunchyTime (which I just started using for time tracking/budgeting freelance projects).

    However, now that I’m primarily freelancing, I bet that list is soon to grow. Skype would be a good way to keep work-related calls far away from my cell phone.

  9. I never thought I would be willing to pay for any web service before i discovered LibrayThing.com ($25 for a lifetime).

  10. I think I only pay for Flickr as well..

  11. I pay for the Wall Street Journal, Network Solutions, .Mac

  12. I pay for eleven2 (hosting) & PSDtuts…thinking about Flickr though.

  13. Metafilter – $5 bucks.

  14. no credit card, no pay in advance for internet services :S

  15. Wow–that’s $664.23 in yearly services fees. Add in a mobile phone contract, Internet and cable TV and you’re well past $2,000 a year :(

  16. Free Agent has really helped us get our finances in order. The guys who make it have been really helpful and very responsive to feedback. We use the UK version, but they recently released an international version. Cost is $20/month. Might be worth a look before taking the plunge with FreshBooks (which appears to be more time-tracking focused).

  17. The only thing I pay for is The Straight Dope Message Board. Everything else is either free, or (hopefully) paying me.

  18. LibraryThing.com (book catalog)
    Flickr (pix)
    Carbonite.com (backups)
    Addr.com (host)
    GoDaddy.com (registrar)
    Domains by Proxy (private registration)

  19. I tell other people to register domains with GoDaddy.com

    I use 2ya.com (currently 19.95 per year) for my domain.

    I used to have free flikr pro with SBC/Yahoo! DSL. Now I’m just kinda locked out of my account forever; no switching back to a free Yahoo!/flickr account as far as I can tell, and I don’t want to pay for Pro. :(

  20. My list is close to yours, except that I use Expressions instead of Typepad. I also ditched Backpack in exchange for Gubb. I like it a lot more, plus it’s free.

  21. flickr
    a small orange hosting
    godaddy domains

  22. Before you switch to freshbooks, check out acuinvoice…the single thing that makes the difference for me was that acuinvoice has domain mapping support, so you can use your own domain.

    I have spoken at length with the guy heading up the project, and he is extremely receptive to comments, questions etc.

    I highly recommend it, and when you talk to him, tell him Eugene sent you.

  23. Flickr
    Mozy (online backup)

  24. This is a great and helpful post. I am super jazzed that you are going to (possibly) make the switch to FreshBooks because…I love the product!

    ….and because I am one of the many happy folks that work at FreshBooks!

    Please let me know if I can help with anything and again Thanks! for checking us out! (as you can see I love exclamation marks!!!)

    Head of Magic

  25. flickr
    twit.tv (monthly donation)
    audible (audio books)
    maxemail.com (fax)
    dreamhost.com (hosting)
    Skype Pro ($3)

  26. I pay for flickr & dreamhost