After a busy, fun birthday weekend (our little Ella Joy turns two today) this swissmiss is feeling under the weather and apologizes for a lack of posts today. I shall, hopefully, be back full force tomorrow. Happy birthday monday everyone!

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  1. Happy birthday, Ella!

  2. Party prep + Creation of chic cupcakes = weakened immune system?

    Happy Birthday, Ella. I remember waaaaay back when you had sans-serif ‘1’s on all your cakes. Ahhh, those were simpler times…

    Get well soon!

  3. Happy birthday, Ella! Congratulations for the family.

    I want one cake!!!

  4. happy birthday from brasil, sweet little ella!

  5. Great looking birthday plate and what a cutie pie with those tendrils and and cheeks and that smile.

    I’m making a valiant effort not to say “cute as a button”, but what’s the point, really?

  6. Happy Birthday Ella (and Mom, who did all the work :-)!

  7. Oh cute display! I didn’t know your Ella was so close in age to my Liem (turns 2 in a couple weeks). Isn’t it a hilarious and wonderful time?

  8. happy birthday to your peanutella!!!

    get well soon swissmissmommy :)

    come by my blog + enter my earth day giveaways

  9. OMG – Awesome cupcake birthday celebration happy festival!

    Happy Bday Ella!!!

  10. how sweet are those cupcakes?!

    feel better! and happy no. 2 to ella!

  11. Oh those cupcakes and and your little signs turned out so cute! Excellent job! The colors are perfect for 2!

    Feel better!

  12. Helvetica on a birthday cake gets my vote.
    Happy Birthday to your little girl Ella.

  13. so. damn. cute!!!

    feel better, tina.

  14. so sorry I missed it! Happy birthday to ella.

  15. Happy birthday, Ellabella! Sending hugs from Milwaukee! love, Auntie BB

  16. Awesome Cupcakes!!! You rock my world swissmiss!

  17. Cute and thoughtful

  18. Happy 2, Ella! Enjoy the 2’s, Tina. It goes by so fast.

  19. Been offline for a few days—belated Happy Birthday Miss Ella bunny!
    Hope you’re feeling better Tina.

  20. aw. so cute cakes and so cute gal!
    happpy happy belated bday!
    hope you are feeling better to enjoy the weahter?

  21. Yay! Ella made number two! Happy Birthday! Good luck with the next year mom….. I am knee deep in terrible 2’s myself! ;)

  22. Oh boy– she’s adorable! Congrats on making it to the next level — toddler ville.

  23. And to think that I’ve been your reader from the days before you got married. How time flies !

  24. Happy Birthday, Ella Joy!

    From Benjamin who is very excited to share his 2nd birthday with you (4/21/06).

  25. I am way behind here to wish Bella a Happy Birthday! BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
    APril Birthdays RULE!