a blast from the past: anyone remember La Boum?

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  1. YES!!! I even got the DVD a while ago – pure nostalgia.

  2. Of course I remember it. One of the movies I have seen the most along with it’s sequel. This scene is hillarious, I love the look on the passenger’s face…

  3. Aaaargh! “il tempo delle mele”

  4. where do you get the DVD? That movie positively marke my teenage years. I MUST own that DVD!!!

  5. Woaw, super jeunes Claude Brasseur et Sophie Marceau.

  6. yeah… it was this week on French TV

  7. Yes loved it! Especially the song…

  8. definitely!

    and i also remember the moment during the film, i decided to marry Sophie Marceau.

    first disappointment in this relationship was her performance in the movie “Descente aux enfers” (Descent Into Hell) where her father (the other than that great Claude Brasseur) was her husband. the second one just a few seconds ago, when i realized (via wikipedia) that she is now dating Christopher there can be only one Lambert. another hero of my youth.

    well, time to think about my decision …

  9. Dreams are my reality…..
    Aufklärungs TV!

  10. natürlich – die holykings djs veranstalten in luzern kommenden samstag die ungefähr 27. la boum-revival-disco, mit sophie plakaten und film – und dreams are my reality ist das obligate abschlusslied!

  11. ahhhh la boum toute mon adolescence!!!!

  12. My first night out with my first love: I’ll never forget that…

  13. Danke dass du mich immer so schoen an sachen von der alten heimat errinnerst.

  14. I actually saw this in my French class in high school in the early 90s. I’ll never forget it because we all had to learn curse words on our vocabulary lists for the film! I loved that movie and only the people in my class back then knew what it was!