Bike Parking in Tokyo

(via treehugger)

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  1. That’s insane. Hahahaha.. well, since you can do it with cars you should be able to do it with bicycles too hey. Wonder how much it costs to put your bike there for a day. If car parking prices in Tokyo are anything to go by….

  2. it costs 100 yen per day and 1800 Yen for a monthly subscription.
    which i think is fair considering that theft anf lack of parking nearby station exits are a big issue in Tokyo.

  3. theft is big issue in Tokyo? What are you talking about. I leave my bicycle all night every where with cheap locker no worries and see people with very expansive bike doing the same with no problems.

    In Montreal you can’t even leave it behind your house locked with 2 hi-end locker…

    Tokyo is a peace of mind

  4. that’s right!! When we lived in downtown Montreal, we only bought flea market bikes because it was guaranteed to be stolen even if it was a crapy bike! 3 bikes in a year and biking season in Montreal isn’t that long… So glad all of that snow finally melted ;)

  5. theft in tokyo? the japanese don’t steal. it’s not in the culture. where did you get that info?

  6. This was very informative. Had no idea this existed. Fascinating.

  7. I think this is inane.

  8. oh wow! that’s just like in Jerry Anderson’s Captain Scarlet (the original version with puppets) except in Captain scarlet it was with cars!