cork goes eco-glam


Renewable, sustainable cork bag with raspberry organic cotton & hemp detailing. A cork bag? Now, that’s something new. Wheee! But hey, years ago I heard the rumor that the world is running out of cork. I guess not.

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  1. Nice bag, yes… althougt cork is better know for it’s use as wine bottle stopper, is also good for a lot of other (unusual) uses, like flooring, house insulation and fashion. You can find more bags, hats, umbrellas, etc. at
    or (you would love this…) the world first cork postage stamp, at
    and for an update on other cork uses, why not the Seminar Design Cork meets science and industry, May 16 in Lisbon, more at
    Love your site,
    Carlos Filipe

    PS. 1 all links are from Portugal (the world number one producer, with 54% worldwide production)

    PS. 2 and with a plus – it’s an environmentally friendly industry where the words recycling and sustainability are no stranger to this activity.

  2. That looks really nice, but I wonder how it would hold up. It seems like cork in suck a thin layer would be very fragile. Than again, maybe I just don’t know much about the material.

  3. cork is incredibly durable…an awesome material