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Every now and then, a product comes my way, rocks my world and I ask myself, why did I not find out about this earlier? It so happened last week. My friend, a serious hiker, saw me battling my new summer shoes, putting band aids on pressure points. She told me about Blister Block. Considering she knows about blisters (she spends her weekends climbing around in the swiss alps) I took her advice and gave it at try. Honestly, I would have NEVER bought this, seeing it on a shelf in a drugstore. Oh, she was right though! It seriously does magic. No more pressure points, no more blisters. YAY!

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  1. Johnson & Johnson posts are design-y! The latest issue of I.D. features J&J:

  2. I wish I’d known about this on Saturday! I’m definitely going to be trying these.

  3. what? I NEED this. Seriously hate bandaids on my feet because of wearing shoes with no socks. It’s ugly and they never stay on! THanks…

  4. What did they pay you for this post

  5. VOS: Nothing. I am NOT paid for any of my posts!

  6. These things are the bomb. They’ve saved many a vacation for me. I turned monk on to them, too – I think he thought I was nuts, but he became a believer when he had a bigass blister from too much walking.

  7. i bought this over a year ago, because of ads i saw in some magazines. i thought it was a fab idea, and wondered why no one had come up with this before (including myself)
    great stuff!

  8. Yes, this is the best! I discovered this last year through a magazine ad and have been buying it for all my friends. I use it on flats and sandals which also give me blisters.

  9. Lanolin works really well, too.