fish have rights to luxury condominiums too


One by one, a machine operator has been shoving hundreds of retired New York City subway cars off a barge, continuing the transformation of a barren stretch of ocean floor into a bountiful oasis, carpeted in sea grasses, walled thick with blue mussels and sponges, and teeming with black sea bass and tautog.

“They’re basically luxury condominiums for fish,” Jeff Tinsman, artificial reef program manager for the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, said as one of 48 of the 19-ton retirees from New York City sank toward the 666 already on the ocean floor.

Growing Pains for a Deep-Sea Home Built of Subway Cars, by Ian Urbina

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  1. Wow, that’s one way to ‘dispose’ of gargage!!! Have they not heard of recycling?!

  2. To Geeky Girl, this is not “garbage disposal” it is a very successful way maintaining costal reefs.