forget the grid (when it comes to hanging paintings)


Just the other day, I was telling Jennifer how I suffer from a severe case of picture-hanging-paralysis. There are about 20 frames sitting on the floor in Ella’s room waiting to finally fight gravity. The graphic deisgner that I am, I am of course thinking ‘grid’ and even spacing etc… But hey, why not do it like Claudia Carieri.

My rockstar aunt Hugi, is the master in hanging art. Check out this wall in her living room.

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  1. Your aunt’s wall d’art is fabulous. Quietly shockingly beautiful.

  2. i love it! we need no grid. i love the playfulness of how these are hung. especially if it were in ellas room. if it were over my bed however, i would get the feeling that a tiny earth quake just rolled thru.

  3. That makes me think of “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends”. Very happy and charming. Sweet.

  4. One of these will help in a big way:

  5. Heh, i have the same problem – i myself try to hang pictures in two rows, interchangeably horizontal – vertical – horizontal – vertical, and all with A4-frames :-/ So i had to have equal number of each ones and all in the same size..

    But now you showed me an ideal solution :-) That looks awesome, thanks for sharing :*

  6. This is wonderful. If someone has suggested this to me without the visual, the OCD side of me would have laughed, then shuddered at the mere the mere thought of it. I love the playfulness of it. Props to your Aunt!

  7. i have loads of stuff on my wall and i find it looks best if you make sure the big stuff is straight and the little stuff can be kind of haphazard around it

  8. Wow! Your aunt Hugi is awesome! I couldn’t do that if the lines were drawn out for me.