Mono Wall Clock

What a stunningly minimal wall clock.

Serious Dreamer

I’d hang it. Serious Dreamer by Loulou Avenue.


I am feeling this print by Carlos ARL.

Line and Form No.2

This is a beautiful, minimal print.

Books Are Bananas

This poster. So good.

You Are Great

Love this embroidery piece by Jojo Giltsoff. She has an Etsy store. And now can’t stop thinking about what custom piece I want.

Baker Menu

I don’t own a bakery, but I still want the Bakers Menu Lettering System.

Listen To Your Heart

I can’t wait until Secret Holiday has this banner back in stock. Definitely a message I wish I would have had hanging in my house a few years ago. And now.

Emergency Wine Bottle Shelf

I want one of these and make it my emergency-instant-dinner-party-wine-bottle-shelf.

Cat Scratching Post Volto

Now this is a cat scratching post I could get behind. Thanks Tuft and Paw for bringing some style to cat furniture.

Perforated Message Boards

I love these simple, perforated message boards. I want to put them all over my apartment.

No Ping No Pong

This poster by Anthony Burrill made me laugh.

Smile Mirror

Smile Mirror meets People from Berk İlhan on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet Berk Ilhan, the inventor of Smile Mirror. It’s an emotionally smart mirror that is unlocked with the power of a smile. Totally wonderful. I would totally hang one in my home.


Love this OK Wall Mural by Anna Dorfman.


The Answer

Love this. By Tauba Auerbach.

American Blooms

American Blooms by Pop Chart Lab.


All You Got

Mare sure to Give it All You Got.

Swedish Spring Poster

I am in love with this Swedish Spring Poster, illustrated by designer Lotta Olsson.

Rest Poster

Lovely poster titled Rest, by E. Dunker.

EO Shape

Love this minimal poster design by Erik Olovsson.

Wall Mounted Paper Holder

This wall mounted paper holder would look good in my office.

10 Principles for Good Design Poster

Widely referenced throughout the design industry and quoted in countless essays, Dieter Rams’ principles of good design are as pure, honest, and uncompromising as the very products he has authored through over 50 years of work in design. Here’s a poster to remind you, every day.

Make To Last

Building things that will be still around and bring value in 100 years is on my mind recently. I might have to hang one of these Make To Last Enamel Steel Signs in my office.

Nowhere / Now Here

I love a good play on words. This poster by Playtype would look good in our coworking space: Nowhere / Now Here.