Jason Santa Maria’s Business Cards


I had the pleasure to meet Jason Santa Maria this morning’s Likemind. (Thanks everyone for coming out!) Being the talented designer that he is, I wasn’t surprised to be completely floored by his business card(s). I would have loved to receive all of them to put them back together. It would look awesome framed. Check them out here.

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  1. they are really cool. making business cards can be so much fun! would be interesting to see yours…

  2. Good as they are, the overused ‘personal info’ that is not relevant to the expertise of whoever the person happens to be is getting anoying.

    I see this trend all over now, everyone seems to believe that potential customers are interested to know whether a designer ‘listens to classical music while grocery shopping’.

    Design wise, it’s been done before.

  3. Oldie, but a goodie. Always a big fan of these cards… and letterpress!

  4. Those look nice – but i bet the average non designer client is going to ask or wonder – what is this huge red mark for?

  5. yeah, hard to be a fan of this really.

    how would anyone know that it was part of a big JASON. The scenario where someone puts multiple cards together is almost nonexistent.

    Unless that’s how he gives them out — by putting them on a table in the group and people take one as they walk by or something.


  6. Great ones! I wish I had made one like those.

  7. This is absolutely senseless….