life preserver


What a cool decorative element for any kids room: Life Preserver. But please someone stop the personalizing. I am so not into having my (or my daughter’s) name written on everything. Is it just me?

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  1. Most certainly not. Must we be reminded of the name we’ve given our child? Let’s just tattoo it on their forehead and call it a day.

  2. When I was a kid, I was always sad that my name (Janelle) was never included on those pencils or keychains or fake license plates but all of my siblings’ names were.

  3. No – you’re not alone there. i suppose as a little kid there’s a sort of novelty about having something with your name ‘officially’ printed upon it, but I really don’t understand parents who festoon their children’s rooms with their name.

  4. Lovely idea. Agree about the personalizationtrend. Its going bananas.

  5. My wife and I have a one-year-old boy who is already starting to pick up simple books and flip through the pages. Of course we are happy with this and strongly encourage the habit, hoping it will lead to a lifelong affair with reading and positive growth for our son. So what does this have to do with personalization? My wife found a site which does personalization and although we are not attracted to such things for the most part, I thought this idea would be nice to do and stay away from the design disaster of naming your wall, chair, etc… after your child (or is that the other way around).

    The following is a link to a site that will personalize a book and give a young child a story to read about their name. I just thought this was a good idea and a much better way for a parent to show how much their young child is appreciated.

  6. I had such a book when i was a child. It was called “Michelle’s Birthdayland adventures” and you could use your siblings and friend’s names to complete the stories. My son is in love with that book. He thinks its halarious that there is a book about his Mom! I was looking to find something like that for him.

  7. and everyone stop naming your kid “conor”!

  8. word on the OCD personalizing

  9. Well of course this needs to be personalized…
    like when I was little, and I hated it once, when my sister Sue was drowning and mom tryed to save her by throwing out my life preserver, No, it was mine, and the worst part about it was that she had her own personalized life preserver too…
    Sue was angry at mom for not throwing out hers when she came to shore as well…