marimekko bedding


Marimekko duvet cover and pillow case

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  1. This design seems rather difficult to find here in Finland, which is kind of odd. But, in any case, it’s nice to see that they’re exporting the same stuff they sell here.

  2. Hi there, I just want to start by saying that I love your blog! I find the modernity inspiring. I just found you last Sunday at technorati and cant get enough! I also wanted to comment about the comment above. I just thought you would be excited to know that I located the “moments” fabric at the Marimekko on P. Esplanade. I made the 2 Duvets in a couple of hours. If you want the duvet set then try the Iso Omena store. They almost always carry things we cannot find elsewhere.

    Goodluck! Hope you find it.


  3. It’s interesting to see a revival of the Marimekko designs—apparently my mother remembers them from when she was young.

    If anybody from New Zealand is wanting to get Marimekko designs, check out Bella Designs,

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