3000 instant karma points for Moby.

(via enlarge your pen)

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  1. Go Moby! That is an awesome idea! I too think that some karma points are in order. I wish I had an independent movie I needed music for right now.

  2. great initiative… although I can’t help but think that the idea of doing making your works available at no charge only ever seems to work for well established artists.

  3. i would agree that it only works for established artists, but in this case, i think that’s what makes it special.

    we used one of the songs for a school competition earlier this semester. it was actually surprisingly easy to contact gratis and download the music:


  4. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails has done this for half a year now, though he allows his music to be remixed and used by anyone, not just for film. He actually gives out the GarageBand files. (I’m a dancer and would love to have more music to play with for choreography, so I hope he thinks other artists’ use is okay, too.) (Official site) (Unofficial site) (Unofficial site)

    Some are terrible, but some are wonderful. ;)

  5. how can i download a track?!? theres no option to do so! xx