Names That Match Forge a Bond on the Internet


Angela Shelton of Detroit, left, with her namesake, a writer.

Social psychologists have found that people are more attracted to others with similar faces or identical birth dates. James Bruning, a trustee professor of psychology at Ohio University, said that people’s fascination with their Googlegängers might be an adult expression of the common childhood wish to be an identical twin.

Names That Match Forge a Bond on the Internet, by Stephanie Rosenbloom

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  1. I googled myself… and I have found that I have more of an interest in the Lisas with my same maiden name than I do my married name. Those Lisas seem more connected to me.

  2. I did a google and facebook search of myself as well. Sadly, there was no one with my exact full name. One is the loneliest number?

  3. Upon my first vanity search, I immediately realized just how common my name actually was. Just for kicks, I started sending out emails when I would find guys with the same name, accusing them of being impostors. Most did not respond, but a couple did lead to some humorous email exchanges.

  4. That’s the “Safe-Side Superchick”!