Pentragram Black Book


Pentagram announced the Black Book, a compilation of over 400 projects from the last several years, arranged in alphabetical order, like a dictionary, and printed on Bible paper, like a Bible, complete with tabbed sections and ribbons for bookmarking. It covers pretty much everything they do, from architecture to graphics, buildings to websites, branding to signage, interiors, packaging, exhibitions, interfaces, furniture, products, brochures, magazines, and houses, all in simple picture-and-caption form.

The Black Book is not available for purchase. But now you can win your very own copy by being one of the first 50 people* to write in at the e-mail address below.

blackbook [at] pentagram [dot] com

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  1. It’s not available for purchase now, but isn’t it going to be available at some point, or is it just a small publication? I’d really like to get my hands on it.

  2. I love it, it’s so beautiful / inspiring.