the plane jane project


Plane Jane” is a world created by Delaney Jane Larson. Primarily working with gouache, ink, and collage, she concocts curios ruled by nonsense, love, unexpected reveries, and wishes. Myriad peculiar creatures and charming beasts live in simple spaces, where they find themselves in absurd situations. She uses familiar iconography as a language for the characters, and employs a limited color palette to counterbalance the situational idiosyncrasies. White creates simple dreamscapes and evokes a childlike innocence.

Love the the Furries Collection. As well the Rack Tote.

(thanks Lenny)

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  1. The creature Columns Delaney has created are very engaging and inspiring. I’m still trying to figure out which being I relate to the most!

  2. So sad, yet so pretty.

    I can’t wait to see what else Delaney comes up with.

  3. These would make ridiculously cool one of a kind presents…or even valentines for exes! I love everything you do, and I’m so excited you’re going to be at Renegade Art Fair! I think you should have a system/ photo booth that turns people into your characters…like a plane jane version of someone based on their personality.

  4. Beautiful creations Delaney … I would love to take a walk with your characters and discover a bit more of what is going on behind the depth of their eyes. Those most familiar eyes we have always seen in sets — some upside down in our hands. Thank you for these.

  5. Purchasing Delaney’s work was the best investment I made. I’m very proud of it and happy for her artistic achievements.