Amy Walker has 24 different accents.

Where’s the swiss-german accent?

(via a cup of jo)

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  1. I never feel as though you can do a Brooklyn accent unless you were born there. I wasn’t born in the city, but live in Brooklyn and hear those “true” accents all the time. Too easy to spoof–too hard to master. To my ear, I think she’s really amazing, though. Love the last one–like all the 1930’s movies!

  2. The Seattle Accent also sounded like western Canada and was perfect.

    The Toronto accent was off though- I’ve lived in Toronto and it’s more what people ‘think’ Torontonians sound like.

  3. Hmm, I was truly impressed until she hit America. Her diction is too crisp to be believable for most American accents and she hasn’t quite nailed the American vowels (check the IPA: I’m a linguist though, thereby a tough customer.

  4. You can quibble about the accuracy of a particular accent, but what she did was amazing. To switch that quickly, from one to the next, is incredibly impressive. Thanks for posting this!

  5. I was really impressed until I got to Toronto, where I’m from. It didn’t sound right at all. Perhaps she overemphasized what makes the local dialect different, but I’ve never heard anyone who sounds like that. I wonder how people from other regions felt about their accents.

  6. I know a bit about linguistics and would say that Amy has donewhat few people can do. True, it’s very difficult to nail an accent unless you have been born into it. But name someone else who has her range?

  7. i’m from new zealand and was really impressed with her kiwi accent.