Dave Gray » The whirl

Dave Gray, discussing cognitive challenges of the information age and why visual language is an important tool for dealing with them. Dave Gray » The whirl

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  1. It’s interesting how often a visual is under estimated in describing something. When Dave used a cat as an example, it reminded me of this lost cat poster I saw a while back that actually lacked a picture of the cat.

    There are tons of cats around our neighborhood, and a picture would have made the poster infinitely more useful.

  2. Thanks for the link, Tina.

    An irony related to this can be found in the way our modern web community is trying to standardize logo design for things like RSS.

    Syndication and the de-centralization that it promotes is a major player in “The Whirl” that Dave describes in the outset. Meanwhile, while we’re pumping out content, we’re also trying to find a way to – visually – establish standards to recognize and easily find connection points to our de-centralized content. A few examples below.