swissmiss studio is getting an office with a view


Happy news! Swissmiss studio is getting an office with a view. I am going to be moving into a fabulous new space, together with talented designer Anke Stohlmann and fabulous interior designer Jennifer Ward from Minor Details. We’re forming our own little “Pentagram” office! In this Flickr photo set, you’ll be able to follow our build out of the space. Wooo hoooo!

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  1. Congratulations! Looks very promising :)

  2. wow, what a view! congrats and have fun making it your own! haha, instead of ‘pentagram,’ you can name it ‘triangle’ (yes, nerdy designer talk).

  3. Place looks great, congrats!

  4. Looks like a great place. What seedy things did you have to do for it? ;)

  5. that looks great.
    you need to by some roller skates now.

  6. How lovely and exciting! Congratulations!!

  7. Congratulations! Both the space and the view look equally serene!

    As long as Hillman can still stop by your desk with unexpected surprises, then you have my blessing.

  8. i love jennifer ward!!!! oh, wow, how awesome, good for you, congrats!

  9. That’s DUMBO/Vinegar Hill! I used to live a block away :)

  10. Congratulations! (I’m jealous!!! I’m so over my dining room table.) ;)