Send Adrian Frutiger a Birthday Message


Tomorrow (May 24, 2008) is Adrian Frutiger’s 80th birthday. Send him a birthday message here. Frutiger is one of the most influential type designers of the 20th century; his Univers and Frutiger typefaces are still ranking amongst the most commonly used fonts today. His types include Meridien, Egyptienne, Serifa, OCR-B, Centennial and Avenir.

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  1. Greuzie and merçi, Tina. A wonderful gesture on your part! All the best, Paul Giambarba

  2. Danke for the info. I went and Wished him a happy Birthday! Where does he live now?
    I am 9 days away from smelling the Swiss fresh air!

  3. Life would not be the same without Egyptienne and Serifa.