Solar Airship


The solar airship is a cross between a Hot Air Ballon and a Kite – the hot air inside causes the airship to rise (like a hot air balloon), and you hold onto the 50m tether line to stop it flying away (like a kite). The airship’s black film outer layer absorbs the heat from the sun’s rays, stokes up the air inside and voila! Let the hot air rise to the awe of pedestrians and terror of low-flying aircraft. Think hot air balloons, except with natural heat instead of gas.

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  1. that looks like so much fun! The picture looks like it could take you away, but I doubt it has that much lift.

  2. 25 quid? Wow I remember getting these for free with a copy of “Yps” (German kids mag). Then a years later I managed to get hold of ultra light black plastic bag tubes… Same principal.

    What’s really fun is to fill them with air… wait 10 minutes… then let it fly. Now watch other people pointing with amazment… just don’t get caught by air traffic control.

  3. “I see dead people.” Let’s hope that alcohol isn’t mixed with this activity. Or unsupervised children.

  4. ha! that looks like soooo much fun. weeeeeee!