Stanley goes for a drive by Craig Frazier

So, our little Ella Joy is obsessed with driving in the car, or “auto” as she calls it. And, being half swiss, she is fascinated by cows, or “moooh’s” in Ella speak. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that Ella is in love with Craig Frazier’s “Stanley goes for a drive“. It entails “autos” and “moo’s”. The last page in the book is our favorite. Very to the point.

I finally created a swissmiss bookshelf over on LookyBook so that I can find our favorite books faster. Do you have a LookyBook bookshelf? If so, would you mind to share it? Post it in a comment below! I’d love do discover my reader’s favorite picture books.

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  1. I just spent the last hour playing on LookyBook thanks to you. Here’s mine:

  2. nice! he made a book about me. -stanley

  3. Here’s a list of our current favorites:

    The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres
    Hondo & Fabian
    Toys Go Out
    Can You Find It Inside?
    Mouse Paint
    Old Turtle
    One Red Dot
    I Went Walking – Williams/Vivas
    The Princess & the Pea – Lauren Child
    Sound of Colors – Liao
    Little Bunny on the Move – McCarty
    That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown
    The Red Book
    The Dot
    What Do People Do All Day – Richard Scarry
    Do Unto Otters
    Llama, Llama, Red Pajama
    Up Above & Down Below
    The Peace Book – Todd Parr
    Who’s Hiding – Onishi
    Emily’s Balloon
    Whatever – Bee
    And several Usborne picture books:
    On the Moon – Milbourne
    On a Pirate Ship – Courtauld
    The Story of Pinocchio – Evangelista
    Alice in Wonderland – Evangelista
    In the Castle – Milbourne
    And those are just our current favorites…

  4. shes going to love duck on a bike.

  5. LookyBook is great. Thanks.

    The only problem is that they don’t seem to have many of the books we own. No Mo Willems?! Anywho I decided instead to turn our lookybook bookshelf into a wish list instead.

    Some of our favorite books right now are:

    Gallop! – Seder
    Follow The Line around the world – Ljungkvist
    This is London – Sasek
    Rome Antics – David Macaulay
    The Lorax and How Lucky You Are – Dr. Seuss
    anything by Mo Willems, especially the Elephant and piggy books
    the Toot & Puddle books – Hobbie