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It’s a big day over here at swissmiss. Three years ago, today, I started this blog with this quote and it could not have been any more adequate for what was ahead. Little did I know that blogging would become such a big part of my life and that I would meet talented, fabulous people from all around the world because of it.

Thank you Internet! Time to put my party hat on! “Happy my blog birthday to you”!

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  1. A marvellous feat, happy blog birthday!

  2. wohooo!!! happy birthday swissmiss blog!! ;)

  3. Happy birthday!!
    and thanks for 3 years of inspiration and laughs and beautiful things…and here’s to at least 3 more years.
    congrats, keep up the good work:)

  4. Congrats & happy birthday!

  5. congratulations :)

  6. Happy blog-bday!

  7. Happy blog-birthday!

  8. Congratulations miss swiss! I never knew Hesse was Swiss-German.
    Keep up the good work!

    Best, Aaron

  9. 3 years …this is almost like a little child, is nice to see it grow. :) Happy Birthday !

  10. Congrats Swissmiss, happy bloggy-birthday! And thanks for posting inspiring stuff everyday.

  11. happy swissmiss birthday… and many more to come. big smile AnaBica

  12. Woo hoo! That’s fabulous. Congrats!

  13. Happy blog birthday!

    Your blog has been such a joy to read. Always something fresh and thoughtful.

    Thanks for all that and more to come!

  14. Happy birthday! Feliz aniversário!

    I absolutely love your blog. Love from Brazil.

  15. Three years… and I discovered it just a few weeks ago.

    Thank you for your work!

  16. Happy birthday :-D

  17. Congratulations!

    Thank you for bringing so much beauty and humor into the world!

  18. Woo Hooo!

  19. 3 !!! great day for your blog today ! and 3 millions of thanks for this source of intelligence !

  20. Happy Swissmiss Birthday!
    From Portugal!

    Thank you, Swissmiss!

  21. Happy blog-bday! From Geneva :)

  22. Meine Glückwünsche und alles Gute! Nice blog, keep the direction.

  23. Happy blog birthday! And thank you for sharing such amazing stuff with us for three whole years!

  24. Happy blog birthday! And thank you for sharing such amazing stuff with us for three whole years!

  25. Happy Blog’day from New Zealand

  26. happy birthday to your blog!

  27. Buon compleanno!!!

  28. happy blog birthday!
    kisses from brazil

  29. Happy 3rd Birthday swissmiss! May there much more fantastic blogging to come…

  30. Congratulations…I really enjoy your work…here’s to many more years of blogging joy!

  31. keep up the good work! i love your blog and read it every single day!!! :)
    happy blog birthday!

  32. Awww. Happy blogiversary! It’s kind of like raising a kid, isn’t it???

    Very, very happy for my LDR. x!

  33. the blog and i share birthdays!

  34. woohoo! 3!! and here’s to many more years. Thank you again for having us over for what was one of the best memorial day weekends in a long time.

  35. Hooray! Happy blirthday!

  36. Thank you for finding and bringing such a variety of interesting things to us these past 3 years. What an amazing amount of energy you have! Cheers to Swissmiss!

  37. time sure flies quickly eh? congrats tina.

  38. Happy your blog birthday to you!

  39. Happy bloggity blog blog blog birthday! An auspicious day!

  40. We have the same blogiversary — I started mine 4 years ago today. Happy blog birthday!

  41. Happy birthday, Swissmiss blog! What a wonderful toddler you’ve grown into! :)


  42. Congratulations Tina! Swiss Miss is a Magic Force indeed.

    Thanks for all the time, effort and sharing.

    Cheers to the next 3 years!


    H. Michael Karshis

  43. compliments :)

    3 years,
    In blog years this makes you a first Lady


  44. Feliz Cumpleaños al Blog! Happy blog bday! Thanks a lot for all the knowledge and good stuff we can find here reading you.

  45. Happy Birthday!!!! I am a big fan of your blog!!!!!!

  46. Swissmiss Rocks!

  47. Buon compleanno!
    from Italy

    thanks Swissmiss!

  48. Nice article