The day there was no news

I agree with Chris, I could watch this over and over:

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  1. this is just amazing. so quiet and still. so peaceful but disturbing at the same time.

  2. If this were an American newscast, those presenters would be babbling about puppies and football to pass the seconds. I miss British television news.

  3. I guess it is better then here in the US when they are caught CUSSING! ;-))
    That was funny, thanks for sharing!

  4. What do you suppose is on those pieces of paper then?

  5. This is wonderful. Maybe we should all put in a request: No more news, especially the made-up over hyped variety!

  6. this is so amazing! shame it’s not longer.

  7. i am just speachless

  8. If you liked that, you might want to check out a TV show called ‘Time Trumpet’ (that Armando Ianucci had something to do with… he had a hand in creating Alan Partridge and Steve Coogan.)

    This no mouth moving thing was done there first, I have the feeling that this is possibly a rip-off. I’m prepared to be corrected of course.

  9. I think this one is even more beautiful
    (the same movie on


  10. Looking at the comments it’s like noone understands its a fake video. Just look at the fly-by text at the bottom.

    100% ironic. 0% funny.

  11. this should extend to bloggers as well, maybe to ALL of us chattering creatures… least for a day. Just quiet the blathering cacophony for a bit.

    …….say what?

  12. They should always do this. Not only is it soothing and beautiful, it’s also a lot more informative than most news broadcasts.