The Rise Of Contextual User Interfaces

The new interfaces are winning people over because they are based on usage patterns instead of choices. The key thing about new UIs is that they are contextual – presenting the user with minimal components and then changing in reaction to user gestures. Thanks to Apple, we have seen a liberating movement towards simplistic, contextual interfaces. But can these UIs become the norm? In this post we take a look at the rise of the contextual UI and ponder if they will cross the chasm.

The Rise Of Contextual User Interfaces, by Alex iskold


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  1. Yes it is true. But on the other hand this type of interfaces (such as iPhone) has to be controlled all over the time. Updated with official publisher, has to have special position for applications etc. Because of their simplicity they need some master, who would fixed them and regulate them. I believe a proper system, which could be open would open our eyes.