Tribal Alphabet

Ella and I had a little LookyBook moment last night and we got hooked on the Tribal Alphabet. It’s written by Nancy Richardson and illustrated by Claudia Pearson, a Brooklyn-based graphic designer, typographer, and painter. In Tribal Alphabet Claudia created a dazzling group portrait of the world of indigenous peoples.

Flipping through the pages (over and over) I realized, it’s books like this one, that I want to read to Ella. I want her to understand how beautifully diverse this world is. She’s lucky enough to grow up in two differents cultures already, being a frequent traveler to the swiss alps. But that’s not enough. I want her to know about the Garinagu and the Māori. It’s books like this one that help raise open-minded kids.

You might want to know that a percentage of the profits of this book will be given to the not-for-profit foundation Cultural Survival, to aid in its efforts to defend the rights of indigenous people around the world.

Just added it to my shopping cart on amazon. Oh, I love you internet!

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  1. Wow, that is so cosmopolitan and ambitious!