yoghurt spoon reinvented



This new “Yoghurt Spoon”, designed by Nojae Park, is the ultimate tool for serious yoghurt lovers.

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  1. Oh good, more disposable junk.

    Sigh. maybe Philippe Stark was right about designers.

  2. I think it’s great! But I would want it to be in stainless steel or something, unless it’s machine washable plastic… It’d be another specialty spoon, like a grapefruit spoon. Sure, you’ll survive without it, but it’d be nice to have, if you consume that type of food often (I eat yogurt regularly).

  3. The cost of natural resources to make the spoon doesn’t even make it worth the amount of yogurt you would waste by not having it.

  4. you know what i want to see? Instead of changing the spoon… let’s change the container. a little orb of yogurt.. yum. Rolling issues aside.

  5. I eat Karoun Dairies yogurt made in Michigan ! I buy it in a large tub and scrape it in a bowl with some Labna Added ! The spoon would be helpful since there is always a little left I can’t get out with my current generic spoons ! My wife gets angry because I I lick the bowl not very nice for a Man With Good Taste! Live cultures deserve the respect of a custom utensils ! Excellent photos’s , Very close to a Salon Print !

  6. *sigh* I love yogurt and I love this!

    Rajio – just because it’s disposable who ever told you it couldn’t be washed?

  7. *sigh* I love yogurt and I love this!

    Rajio – just because it’s disposable who ever told you it couldn’t be washed?

  8. god, i love your blog so much.

  9. Hmmm… better for the container’s corners, but worse for everything else. Looks like a classic case of target fixation. Or does the designer expect yoghurt consumption to require two different spoons? :-)

  10. hmmmm, any designers out there remember achille castiglioni’s spoon from 1962?


    doesn’t seem quite so original now does it?

  11. wow! this will change my life. I always hate to give the rest of the yoghurt to my dog.

  12. i think you all should that this is a spoon not an awnser to world hunger

  13. my bad i meant
    *i think you should all realise that this is a spoon not answer to world hunger*

  14. Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work. :)