123 New York | Written by Puck, Illustrated by Kevin Somers

Ella’s love for counting is still going strong, so I’ve introduced her to 123 New York, a board book written by Puck and Illustrated by Kevin Somers. Loving all things minimal, I appreciate the simple and bold illustration style of all the New York City landmark and symbols.

Number 8 had me think though: Is NYC famous for its Pizza? Number 10, the hot dogs, I do get, with all the hot dog street vendors, but Pizza? Number 5, the cab spread is our favorite. Ella goes ‘yellow taxi’, ‘yellow taxi’ the minute the page opens. And regarding number 2: Mets, or Yankees?

I admit, I am tempted to create a similar book with iconic swiss symbols — sausages, cheese, cows, mountains, money. Maybe a project for our upcoming trip to the swiss alps in two weeks…

There’s also a 123 California and a 123 USA.

Do you have a LookyBook Bookshelf? I do.

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  1. “New York Pizza” is quite a common expression in Germany. I never though about it before.

  2. I’m from the mid-west and when getting specific, often you’ll hear people discuss whether the pizza is NY-style or Chicago-style. So yes, NY is famous for its pizza.

  3. I live in Brooklyn. New York definitely has it’s own, famous style of pizza. Domino’s promoted a “Brooklyn style” pizza. Whatever that is, I don’t know. But I can recommend more than one fantastic place to go for pizza in Brooklyn.

    btw: Mets

  4. new york pizza, definitely yes!

    As for the swiss book, should you make one, can I have/buy one – i’m already imagining its greatness…!

    Other good swiss stuff for your book!:
    Mondaine rail clock, roeschti, alphorns, mountains, edelweiss, swiss army knife, fondue pots, and schoggi

  5. Baseball… Yankees.
    Pizza… Brooklyn.
    Tall buildings… sad that it is not for number 6. It’s missing two.


  6. I also love this book. Mi 2 year old goes crazy with the illustrations and wants to read it almost every night.

  7. so sad that lookybook has closed…. any other good children’s book resources?