A new version of DestroyFlickr!


Yay, an updated version of “Destroy Flickr” is now available. A few of they key updates: Revised navigation, Fullscreen viewing and an improved login screen. There is now the ability to change a few preferences to alter the look and feel of DestroyFlickr. At the moment, you can straighten thumbnails, load hi-res photos by default and disable transitions. Also included in this release is the ability to add and edit tags for your photos. This will certainly come in handy when uploading new photos. Jonnie does have plans to implement batch info editing as well as navigation by tags.

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  1. I’d just be happy to have some kind of ‘back’ button … always switching to workspaces if you just had a quick look at a image is way too annoying imho.

  2. Great release, the only thing i’d love to have added is the ability to display more than just the first page of the latest contact photos. Seeing what my contacts have uploaded is probably what i use most often on a daily basis so it’d be nice to be able to see more than just the last 20 additions.