Animal sounds in different languages


A highly amusing chart of animal sounds in different languages. Brilliant!

(via novaclutch / via notcot)

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  1. The portuguese column is almost empty and almost always wrong. Also, it’s written “portugese” instead of “portuguese”. Brrrr…

  2. hahaha, amuzing indeed: both types of Portuguese cocks make “COCOROCOCOOO”, not “cucurucucu”.


  3. Hi, thanks for posting this! It’s such an interesting find. I actually emailed it to a linguistic professor of mine who tried to explain Ferdinand de Saussure’s concept of the signified/signifier across different languages. I really enjoy your blog, thank you again! -Christine

  4. have a look at bzzpeek,
    a collection of sounds using sound recordings from native speakers imitating the sounds of mainly animals & vehicles.
    it´s fun…

  5. / *
    hahaha. that made me laugh!
    * /

    thank you and woohoo!

  6. The danish ones aren’t exactly right either.. Especially the “Bird(medium)” doesn’t make sense..

  7. Mmh…not too accurate, haha. A bee droning in dutch would be “zoem” not “buzz”…funny concept tho.

  8. Pretty interesting stuff. There’s no Chinese animals on the list though… maybe they all got eaten!!! :P Puaahahahaha!!! JUST KIDDING!!!

    Seriously though, that maybe a little difficult to achieve, ’cause we’ve got so many different dialects! Which, in itself could also be interesting to see.