Likemind tomorrow morning! Join me/us!


who: people like you
what: an opportunity to enjoy coffee and conversation
why: because drinking good coffee with likeminded people is fun
where: At Retreat, 147 Front Street, Brooklyn, DUMBO
when: friday, june 20th, at 8:30am

I’ll be co-hosting TOMORROW’s likemind again in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Come and have a coffee+chat! The past few likemind’s were a great success, as you can tell from the above images (thank you Daniel). Thanks everyone for coming out…

Planning on coming to tomorow’s Likemind? Leave a comment below!

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  1. i’ll be there (train willing)!

  2. someone has to bring a camera and take some new shots. :)

  3. Convince me to come to Brooklyn and not to Manhattan … otherwise, I’ll be in the West Village with the other folks. Has there ever been talk of a merger?

  4. totally there. trying to bring co-workers.

  5. Hi Tina! Finally going to try to make it to one of these. I’ll be there on the early side though, hope to see you!

  6. Oh, Darn, I’m reading this at 8:11 in the morning–no time to make the event. Can you email me or post it a little earlier so I can make it next time? Thanks Steve

  7. oh bummer, just read now about the event. hope it was amazing, like last time … but i m actually sure of.