moleskine pouch


Moleskine Pouch. A beauty!

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  1. I love my moleskin and the pouch is beautiful. I only wish it was a few bucks cheaper. I have seen moleskins that are laser engraved with your logo or slogan and those look nice too.

  2. Their iPhone and laptop cases are of remarkable quality as well. Wrote a quick review of their products at:

  3. I’ve had one of these pouches for a while now, I love it. My moleskine is full of everything I collect like business cards, notes etc. and they are all nice and safe inside. The felt is beautiful too, well worth it.

  4. The link doesn’t seem to be working. I’m dying to find out where you can get one.

  5. hi everyone who reads this post! our site is unfortunately down for a short time due to heavy traffic but please email me with any questions about our products:[at]

    thanks for your patience!
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  6. Wow! This is very cool!

  7. Wow! These are tremendous! I still prefer a leather cover for the standard Moleskine ( makes my favorite), but a pouch would be perfect for the smaller moleskine, not to mention the Mac Air, iPhone, etc!

  8. But can you do this with these newfangled Moleskines? —