Toilet Tales | Written & illustrated by Andrea Wayne von Konigslow

Swissmiss has potty training on her mind, welcome to the world of a toddler-mom. Knowing two of Ella’s potty books inside and out, I turn to LookyBook to find something new: Toilet Tales by Andrea Wayne von Konigslow had both Ella and me giggle. Featuring more than a dozen animals, including kangaroos and octopus, it comically explores just who the toilet is really for. Our favorite spread: The sheep! Why? Ella loves to go “Baaah” and we both think it’s pretty funny to have our bathroom filled with a herd of sheep. Yay for bringing some humor into this potty training business. Yay for LookyBook!

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  1. What a great idea! JUST what we need around here, right now.
    Good work.

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  3. Brilliant idea. I know the woes of a toddler’s mom very well – and I’ll do anything to have her go to the potty instead of buying these diapers at 3 years old!

  4. oh, good lord, do i ever wish you luck.

    potty training = special hell no one warned you about.