A Word For That


In case you wondered: “What does one call the use of random non-alphabet characters to indicate cursing ?”

(thank you jonathan)

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  1. “Grawlith” reminds me of the Pokémon named “Growlithe.” Oh, I miss my university days.

  2. it reminds me of the song that Big Bird sings about the alphabet where he combines all the letters into one word.

  3. thats really cool! I love your site, mind if I add you as a link on mine? :D

  4. When this is used in a comic the shape that surrounds it is called a maledictus balloon so I assumed this assemblage of characters would be called maledictus. I think I like that better than grawlith.

  5. never heard of either of the above terms, but I’ve heard the act of censoring a word with non-letters as “hash-bang”

    as in “you can’t use that word, kids are going to read it. Better hash-bang it.”