crazy forts


Just when you thought a kid’s world was powered exclusively by batteries. Crazy Forts uses geometrically precise balls and sticks to create a multitude of play fort possibilities that you simply throw a sheet over.

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  1. Ooh, that reminds me of Quadro ( I used to build huge castles with that when I was younger :)

  2. USM for tha kids ….!!!!

  3. Oh man! So simple and so brilliant!

  4. Man I would have loved this growing up.

  5. I cant imagine any child being disappointed!! As a parent, I’m glad they are no longer pulling the couch apart to make their forts. I dont regret making this purchase at all!!

  6. How cool would it be as a kid if your parent just installed jumbo eye bolts at various places around your room. You could redesign a fort daily. Just sayin.

  7. Does anyone know if I can get this in Belgium? None of the resellers on the Crazy Forts site will ship to Europe (grrr)

  8. What a great idea! I just ordered a set online for my son for Christmas, is one set enough or should I order another?