Draplin, America is Fucked


Why America is Fucked, from the upcoming Draplin Project (slightly painful language, but yes, I agree with his main message)

(via chrisglass)

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  1. I am in 100% agreement with this dude. That new sign design was terrible and the people behind it should be ashamed. It showed no passion, no heart, no care at all for the work or the world of design at all. I think this guy should create a new one and find a company that will undercut the pricing, call the motor lodge up and steal the deal. That’s justice.

  2. He’s soooo right!

  3. Absolutely right. People are just trying to make a quick buck and stripping everything of quality out and turning our cities and towns into one generic strip mall after another. Makes me sick. I don’t think the language was “painful.” That’s what people sound like when they are fed up and sick of the way things are going in this country. Using adult language to express oneself is not bad or painful. It keeps people from dying inside ;p