Ever need to carry your iMac around?


Ever need to carry your iMac around? Reinda bag is here to solve the awkward carrying problem. Nifty! I guess this would work for any apple monitor as well?

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  1. There is another product out there ( I think its called the iLugger?) that is similar but comes as a padded backpack!

  2. This will help those people who get the Apple One-on-One package, where they expect you will bring in “your” computer – even if it is an iMac.

  3. What a good idea. It would be a mess to carry otherwise.

  4. I use the iLugger. It’s really great. I even take it on the airplane, and occasionally have to check it when it doesn’t fit in the overhead compartment. My iMac was perfectly safe in there, the only change I made in future flights was to put the keyboard in my checked baggage beforehand. The aluminum on the keyboard is thinner than on the iMac, so it’s a good idea to at least wrap it up first.

    Three years of using the iLugger on two different iMacs is one solid recommendation from me.