Focus on Results, Not Time


We often assume that the number of hours spent at work are an indication of one’s effort, interest, and accomplishment. However, in reality, the greatest ideas and the execution of these ideas happen in spurts. The best ideas often do not require a lengthy conception, and the most productive days are seldom the longest.

Tip: Focus on Results, Not Time

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  1. Love it!
    I often think I should be spending more time on a project and then at the end of it realize that most of the work (or the most productive work) was done in a short, concentrated burst. The rest was just the filling…

  2. Cool.

    BUT… sometimes you need to spend time soaking up information and just doing stuff that eventually somehow coheres in your head to give A Result. Maybe it depends what you’re after.

  3. this is so TRUE!!!

  4. Here here. Sometimes good enough or great happens seemingly in an instant, sometimes it takes days.

  5. Amazingly articulate. Great to show my boss as ammunition for my ongoing battle over our time clock and my unwillingness to be glued to a desk all day. THANK YOU.

    (from a frustrated surface pattern designer tired of being treated like a warehouse worker)